HR Tip: Establishing a Discipline Procedure

What is Discipline? A mode of life in accordance with rules. Order maintained by control. To bring under control. Instruction. To improve by corrective and penal methods. Why Do We Need Discipline? Maintain control. Maintain standards. Safeguard staff. Safeguard property. Maintain efficiency. Organizational success. The purpose of a disciplinary procedure is to ensure all employees […]

HR Tip: Diversity Management

Diversity represents the unique values, culture and characteristics of all individuals. Elements of diversity in every organization include ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, income and age. What are the barriers in organizations that prevent a more balanced workforce? Limiting area of consideration. Lack of diverse applicant pool in STEM positions. Lack of diversity in the senior […]

A people-first approach: how Saudi Arabia is relying on talent to drive its vision for tourism

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a clear vision and ambition to become a global powerhouse across all sectors, as clearly set out in the Vision 2030 Agenda. Public investment has been underpinned by expansion, as demonstrated by the three giga-projects currently underway. Leadership, both in the public and the private sector has also emphasised […]