HR Tip: Diversity Management

Diversity represents the unique values, culture and characteristics of all individuals. Elements of diversity in every organization include ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, income and age.

What are the barriers in organizations that prevent a more balanced workforce?

  • Limiting area of consideration.
  • Lack of diverse applicant pool in STEM positions.
  • Lack of diversity in the senior ranks.
  • Categorizing people into certain positions.
  • Always recruiting from the same source.
  • Grooming/developing only one person.
  • Pre-selection.
  • “Golf course” meetings.

Diversity management is about full utilization of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Having a diversity management program in place is an extremely important tool in managing the workforce, without a program in place demographic changes in the workforce create tension.

So what should your diversity management program include?

  • A business strategy for effectively managing a diverse workforce.
  • A positive work environment.
  • Promotion of personal and professional development.
  • Empowerment for all people to reach their full potential.
  • Removal of barriers that hinder progress.
  • A professional development program – Identify training and development needs for all employees.

The benefits of an effective diversity management program:

  • Improves organizational performance.
  • Helps prevent unlawful discrimination or harassment incidents.
  • Improves workplace relations.
  • Builds more effective work teams.
  • Improves organizational problem solving.
  • Improves customer service.
  • Enhances recruitment efforts.

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