Gulf Bank first Kuwaiti bank to partner with Coach Hub

This partnership highlights the significance of investing in Gulf Bank’s leaders to enhance their leadership capabilities

Gulf Bank takes pride in its leadership role in the Kuwaiti banking sector, showcased through its partnership with Coach Hub for mentorship programs dedicated to leadership development. This partnership reflects the bank’s commitment to developing leadership in a rapidly changing environment through interactive and measurable one-on-one sessions, with a focus on senior management.

Coach Hub’s platform takes pride in offering over 3500 certified coaches, in addition to coaching programs in 60 different languages. The platform provides high-level coaching opportunities for individuals to develop their leadership skills. At Coach Hub, coaches have the flexibility to customize their guidance, aligning it with the specific needs and goals of individual learners by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

Salma Al-Hajjaj, Gulf Bank’s General Manager of Human Resources, expressed her contentment in partnering with Coach Hub. Leveraging its capabilities and broad network of certified coaches, the bank aims to enhance the skills of its leaders. She envisions this partnership playing a crucial role in improving the performance and management effectiveness of the leadership team.

Al-Hajjaj emphasized the significance of continuous development for the bank’s workforce, recognizing them as the foundation of success in the banking sector. The bank is committed to empowering its employees for excellence, and elevating their professional capabilities. The primary focus is on cultivating leaders within Gulf Bank, ensuring they remain informed about the latest technological advancements and are equipped with the experiences and skills required to navigate substantial changes in the banking industry, both at a local and global level.

In alignment with its support for Kuwait’s 2035 vision, Gulf Bank commits to achieving significant progress in sustainability, encompassing environmental, social, and governance aspects.

This dedication is showcased through diverse strategic sustainability initiatives, undertaken both internally and externally by the bank, in alignment with the “New Kuwait” vision.