How Training Impacts

Today’s world of business requires us all to choose between changing things up, or become redundant. Tough words, but equally as true for those in the people or training industry as all other industries. So, let’s start with the first ‘change things up’! How do current formulae for ROI serve the Training or L&D space […]

Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

The pandemic followed by the ‘Great Resignation’ has seen leaders perform the delicate balancing act of seeking stable footing while dealing with disruptive and unpredictable market forces, struggling to hire amidst a 15-year high in talent shortages, and revamping policies to meet the employees demand of a more flexible work environment. Developing leaders from within […]

Leadership needs a reset

The world is changing rapidly. Perhaps only the most reflective of observers will have noticed that the rate of change is in fact accelerating. These changes are largely driven by macroenvironmental forces. Many of us have felt the force of the digital tsunami. For some this has meant career ending automation or defunct business models. […]

Digital Leadership in Government; Characteristics, Challenges, and Solutions

The phrase “Digital Transformation,” or DT, may signify a lot of different things to different governments, corporations, political authorities, and leaders in this age of modernity and technical growth. However, strong digital leadership is required for the digital transition to be successful. The government authorities can assure a significant organizational shift in several areas in […]