HR Tip: Establishing a Discipline Procedure

What is Discipline? A mode of life in accordance with rules. Order maintained by control. To bring under control. Instruction. To improve by corrective and penal methods. Why Do We Need Discipline? Maintain control. Maintain standards. Safeguard staff. Safeguard property. Maintain efficiency. Organizational success. The purpose of a disciplinary procedure is to ensure all employees […]

How to Shape an Ideal Company Culture Using L&D

Its back! And rightfully so…What is organizational culture? Exactly. Culture can be tough to define as it reveals itself in various ways in each organization. But, generally speaking, organizational culture is the way that employees behave with one another, from the CEO to the front facing team members. Think about when you first arrive at […]

How Training Impacts

Today’s world of business requires us all to choose between changing things up, or become redundant. Tough words, but equally as true for those in the people or training industry as all other industries. So, let’s start with the first ‘change things up’! How do current formulae for ROI serve the Training or L&D space […]

Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

The pandemic followed by the ‘Great Resignation’ has seen leaders perform the delicate balancing act of seeking stable footing while dealing with disruptive and unpredictable market forces, struggling to hire amidst a 15-year high in talent shortages, and revamping policies to meet the employees demand of a more flexible work environment. Developing leaders from within […]