How to Give a Knockout Presentation

Having good presentation skills is key to keeping learners engaged and focused, to aid learners in retaining information and to deliver your training in the best way possible. Here are some top tips for delivering a knockout presentation:

Tip 1: When preparing your presentation, think about POPTA:

P – Purpose – Why are you delivering the presentation? What are the objectives and outcomes?

O – Organization – Explain the outline of the presentation e.g. I am going to present a list of problems followed by solutions.

P – Preparation – Practice your presentation in advance, arrive early to set-up, dress appropriately etc. An unprepared presenter loses the audience before even starting.

T – Time – Have a time plan for each section, but be flexible based on the audiences needs, it may be beneficial to spend longer on one section but cut another short. You’ll never have enough time to say everything you want, so stick to the point.

A – Audience – You should never give the same presentation twice. Tailor the presentation to your audience and re-evaluate your techniques while presenting – Is your audience engaged?

Tip 2: Presenting DOs and DON’Ts:

  • Do use the slides as a cue, but don’t ‘parrot’ the slides.
  • Do use a pointer for the screen, but don’t point at your laptop/computer.
  • Do move around if possible, but don’t pace or become hyperactive.
  • Do stand, never ever sit down when presenting.
  • Do face the audience, don’t face the slides or talk towards the slides.
  •  Do vary your voice, don’t speak in monotone.
  •  Memorise important slide numbers in advance, don’t fumble and panic when you need to reference a specific slide.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to smile!

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