Thought Leader Interview: Dr. Ayat Mekki

Tell us about your background and what it is you do

I am a medical doctor, who trained and worked as a physician before realising that my passion is education and teaching. I switched careers from practicing medicine to becoming a medical trainer, and a trainer and mentor for trainers. I did that for a successful decade until deciding to become a coach and a healer.

I am now a Trainer of NLP, an expert in manifestation and an energy healer, I help clients heal childhood wounds and heal the effects of past traumatic experiences.

What is your mission/purpose as a coach?

My mission is to help you heal to manifest the life you deeply desire.

When did your journey to becoming an NLP Master Practitioner start?

My journey with NLP began in 2017.  That same year I established my coaching company and progressed through the levels of NLP while seeing clients regularly. I continued the NLP journey until I reached the licensed Trainer level and was certified by the cofounder of NLP Dr Richard Bandler.

What are the benefits of NLP coaching?

NLP Coaching is fast, efficient and goes straight to the source of the issue. NLP cuts through the layers of conditioning, it speaks directly to the subconscious mind and affects change almost instantly by addressing the root cause. It is the one of the fastest ways to affect positive change and transformation.

I refer to NLP as the art of effective communication. It emphasises the power and importance of choosing language and words in communication, it enhances charisma, teaches people-reading and helps in defusing escalating situations. Those are a few of the benefits and some of the reasons why many public figures like CEOs, politicians and those in the show business learn NLP.

Why is coaching so important right now?

The quality of our thoughts affects the quality of our emotions and therefore the quality of our health. Now more than ever it is important to have support, learn basic techniques and ways to cope with life’s pressures and stress.

Humanity has gone through collective trauma in the form of Covid and as a collective we are still processing what happened. Experiencing this along with daily pressure and stress is all the more reason to heal and to receive coaching.

Coaching provides a safe space for individuals to express themselves in a non-judgemental container and currently what the world needs more of is acceptance, compassion, feeling heard and being seen. Coaching is a powerful way of providing all of that.

What are some of the challenges you have faced whilst establishing your coaching business in the UAE? And how have you overcome them?

Back in 2017, there wasn’t as much awareness around coaching as there is nowadays. There were a lot of misconceptions and fears about coaching and opening up to a coach.

I introduced consultations, spread the word to my acquaintances and friends and I used the platform to spread knowledge about coaching.

I began sharing on social media and focused on sharing  content that is relevant and useful to my audience.

To this day, the majority of my clients come to me from social media, specifically instagram.

What are your top marketing tips for attracting clients when you are just starting out as a coach?

My top marketing tip is to let your work speak for you.

Become clear on the value you bring to a client and who and what type of client you would love to coach.

Share valuable information with your audience on social media and be consistent. The number of likes, views and followers shouldn’t be your focus or priority, sharing value and helping others is the goal and people will see and appreciate that and will soon hire you as their coach.

Clients will hire a coach who is knowledgeable in their niche and knows how to help them so keep sharing and your ideal clients will reach out to you.

How does your coaching benefit business executives, trainers, and HR professionals?

One of the first coaching contracts I received was to help a business with their customer service and communication.

Since then, I have worked and still work with business owners, executives, trainers, coaches and HR managers and professionals.

Those who manage and deal with people in their professions benefit greatly from coaching.

The help I provide is in the form of coaching individuals and companies to release the stress, learn to communicate effectively, learn leadership skills, speak confidently in group and public settings and deal with the pressure to perform.

The quality of a business is directly related to the quality of the mental health and agility of their staff.

What are your future goals for your coaching practice?

After 5 years in the coaching business, I still feel as though I am just getting started!

I have introduced new group coaching programs this year, I am back to organising in-person events and will continue to do many more as well as my online masterclasses and sharing on my podcast The Ideal Relationship Roadmap.

My ultimate goal is to continue doing what I love most and that is helping others heal to live the life they desire.

How can our readers find out more about you? 

The fastest way to reach me is through my instagram @dr.ayat.mekki, it is where I share all that is new and on offer, as well as answering your most burning questions and I’m very responsive to my direct messages.

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East