NOLEJ Launches Ethical AI Authoring Tool for Educators, Now Available on Google Classroom

France-based amplified intelligence startup NOLEJ has unveiled a groundbreaking AI-powered authoring tool in response to the digitalization push in the education and workforce markets. NOLEJ AI, now also available in the Google Classroom Ecosystem, empowers educators to effortlessly create engaging content in near real time, transforming static instructional materials such as PDFs, audio and video into bite-size interactive microlearning, fostering enhanced learning outcomes.

“At NOLEJ, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of AI for positive impact and democratizing access to future-proof solutions. We equip educators with AI tools to accelerate their workflow, enabling us to collectively shape a brighter future of learning.” said Bodo Hoenen, US CEO of NOLEJ.

In an ever-changing world, educators struggle with student engagement in the face of information overload. Traditional methods of course development that take months or years are no longer viable. A study by the US-based eLearning Guild revealed that 75% of boilerplate course content fails to address the specific needs of students. The World Economic Forum predicts that 60% of the workforce will require further training before 2027, while the University of Oxford warns that 47% of total US employment is at risk of automation in the next two decades.

Recognizing this, NOLEJ AI‘s authoring tool enables educators to create captivating e-learning packages up to 50 times faster than traditional methods. By seamlessly integrating with Google Classroom and other learning management systems, NOLEJ AI can enhance the workflow of millions of educators, enabling them to deliver enhanced learning outcomes in near real time.

Built upon 10 years of expertise in data science, cognitive psychology, and collective intelligence, NOLEJ AI prioritizes trustworthiness by leveraging diverse Large Language Models (LLMs) while avoiding biases, misleading information, and hallucination drifts.

Vincent Favrat, Chairman of NOLEJ, expressed, “Instead of generative AI hallucinating, we put the educator in the driver’s seat to transform vetted material, resulting in unbiased quality content we can trust. It’s a responsible and ethical use of AI.”

The performance of NOLEJ AI has been validated through a successful beta test with over 25,000 educators and supported by over 384 independent research papers on the open-source H5P interactive templates it utilizes. Learners using the technology experience an 85% higher completion rate and a 75% better retention of information compared to static content.

The first commercial version of NOLEJ AI‘s authoring tool launches on July 6th with licenses starting at just $19.99 per month. Forward-thinking educators, instructional designers, publishers and administrators are invited to test-drive this transformative tool for free and embark on a revolutionary journey with NOLEJ AI.

Media contact: Bodo 917 756 6740


Early adopters of NOLEJ AI share their experiences:

  • Jeffrey Katzman, CEO of Core Learning Exchange, describes NOLEJ as “a giant shortcut. It’s just a really clever use of AI.”
  • Dr. Cassie Froemming, learning designer, expresses, “NOLEJ is lightning fast. It saves time. Something that was very daunting suddenly becomes super doable. It puts your workflow on steroids.”
  • Schauna Anderson, a dedicated teacher, shares: “I work with students with unique needs. Now I can just plug pedagogical resources in and let the AI do the work. That’s simply great for adaptive learning!”

NOLEJ AI has garnered recognition from thought leaders:

  • Dr. Wallace E. Boston, former President/CEO of American Public University System stresses: “As NolejAI capabilities continue to improve, this has huge implications for instructional design. Many colleges have a backlog in courses awaiting the conversions from their faculty members’ syllabi. The timeliness of course updates and the quality of courses will be enhanced through this product.”
  • Alberto Giovanni Busetto, Group SVP Head of Data & AI at The Adecco Group, praised the potential of microlearning leveraged by AI: “The idea of interactive microlearning is extremely powerful and until now largely unexplored. I find this path pioneered by NOLEJ AI very exciting!”
  • Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti, Director of the Impact AI Foundation, Switzerland, states: “NOLEJ is a mission-driven business that places ethical concerns at the center, prioritizing data privacy, independency and transparency. The democratization of knowledge through AI is of the essence for them.”