Freelance Consulting: Getting Started

People often ask me how I got into high-level consulting. A consultant works with the management of a business to improve the profitability of the business. Working with the top management, you can rest assured the consultant is a very highly paid individual.

Some consultants charge $100 to $500 per hour. Others charge $1,500 to $5,000+ per day for their services, and still others work on an annual retainer fee of $25,000 to earning over $100,000+ per year from any number of large corporations.

Until a few years ago, the title “consultant” was more or less limited to retired diplomats and top corporate officers. In other words, until recently, the consultant’s position was more honorary than actual. But that has all changed dramatically in the past few years.

And the field of consultants only continues to grow. In fact, independent consulting is one of the fasting growing businesses in the UAE today! The need for problem solvers for business problems among large and small businesses worldwide has never been greater.

Selling yourself as a business consultant:

It is not necessary for you to have owned or operated a successful business to become a successful business consultant. Nor is it imperative that you have been in management or have held a titled position. You will, however, need the ability to sell yourself, and you will need an up-to-date understanding of the area in which you attend to assist others.

The important thing is to choose an area in which you’ve had some experience; an area that you have spent sometime learning about; and of course, an area of work that you enjoy.

Evaluate your own training and experience honestly and you might realize that you are an ambitious marketing consultant who was never recognized for your abilities.

Just about everyone has had special training in a certain line of work, and they’ve gone on to absorb special studies or education along the same lines, and most people have worked all their lives along or very close to a specific line of endeavour. Most people don’t realize how much experience they really have, or the probable marketability of their training, knowledge and experience.

  • Look over your educational strengths.
  • Combine these with any special training or on-the-job experience.
  • Offer your expertise to help others with their problems along the lines you know best.

Action is the only ingredient required to get started. Your future as a freelance consultant is up to you.

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