Aafaq Islamic Finance appoints Ms. Yusra Baqi as Chief of Human Capital

Aafaq Islamic Finance, a leading financial institution in the UAE, announces the appointment of Ms. Yusra Baqi as the Chief of Human Capital. This strategic move not only marks a milestone in Aafaq’s journey but also signifies the organization’s commitment to Emiratization, fostering growth, and empowering Emiratis.

Aafaq has consistently strived to be a driving force in the UAE’s financial sector, with a mission to become the UAE’s favorite destination for digital Islamic financing. The organization’s strategy, centered on growth and Emiratization, aligns with the broader vision of the United Arab Emirates, as it is dedicated to fostering economic development and empowering Emiratis to play a crucial role in shaping the nation’s financial landscape.

Hisham Hammoud, CEO of Aafaq Islamic Finance, commented, “As a financial institution deeply rooted in the UAE, Aafaq has always considered the development

and empowerment of Emiratis as integral to our identity. Emiratization is not just a strategy for us; it’s a heartfelt dedication to our nation’s progress, aligning seamlessly with the visionary objectives of the UAE. By empowering Emiratis, we’re securing a prosperous future together. “Yusra Baqi, Chief of Human Capital at Aafaq Islamic Finance, stated, “In my role as Chief of Human Capital, my objective is to lead transformative initiatives that empower our workforce, promote talent growth, and drive continuous improvement. Aafaq’s commitment to Emiratization aligns seamlessly with our dedication to contributing to the broader objectives outlined by the UAE for economic development.”

Aafaq’s commitment to Emiratization is more than just a strategic decision; it is a testament to the organization’s dedication to the growth and betterment of society as a whole. The UAE’s vision for Emiratization is realized through organizations like Aafaq, which actively seek out opportunities to recruit, train, and develop Emirati professionals, offering them a platform to thrive in a dynamic and rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Ms. Baqi’s appointment as Chief of Human Capital reaffirms Aafaq Islamic Finance’s commitment to nurturing and empowering Emirati talents and aligning with the broader goals of the UAE. Her wealth of experience and dedication to the organization’s vision make her a vital addition to the leadership team.

Aafaq Islamic Finance is excited to see Ms. Yusra Baqi take the reins as Chief of Human Capital and looks forward to her contributions to advancing the organization’s human resources department and fostering the growth of Emirati talents.

About Aafaq Islamic Finance

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