Leading The Way Quantum Style

Over the last few decades, you no doubt have heard of several different leadership styles: from Visionary to Transformation, Agile to Transactional, and Democratic to Servant.

Each of these different styles has its own merits, and you will be attracted to more than one of these types of leadership.

You will also be familiar with the different tools to analyze which type of leader you are via questionnaires such as Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, USC’s Leadership Style Self-Assessment and The IHHP Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment.

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator

The Meyers & Briggs Foundation uses the theories of Carl Jung in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. The assessment considers what many people believe random variations in behaviour to be orderly and consistent based on fundamental traits. These perceptions include:

• Introversion (I) vs Extroversion (E)

• Intuition (N) vs Sensing (S)

• Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F)

• Judgment (J) vs Perception (P)

The assessment determines your personality type from 16 different archetypes. For instance, an INFP type is considered an “idealist” or someone focused on finding meaning in the world. INFPs can be excellent communicators and are reserved and value-driven creative types. Some famous INFPs include Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Another common type is the ISFP or the “composer.” ISFPs are typically great listeners and even better friends. They value being at peace with themselves yet maintain the capacity for spontaneity. The famous painter Pablo Picasso is suggested to be an ISFP.

Why is understanding your personality important to leadership? As a leader, you’ll face internal and external situations that challenge your resolve. When you know your attitudes and personality, you’ll be better prepared to approach the task, delegate responsibilities, work with others, and communicate during high-pressure situations.

Determine your personality type – you may be surprised: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

USC’S Leadership Style Self-Assessment

The previous self-assessment will help you understand your personality and unconscious biases, but what kind of leader are you? Perhaps the more important question is, what kind of leader do you think you are?

One of the most common failings of people in leadership positions is an inaccurate perception of themselves. A person that believes they’re one type of leader, while the team feels differently, may have a negative emotional impact on the team and lose their employee’s confidence.

Taking a leadership inventory and understanding your leadership style is the first step in enhancing your leadership skills and becoming a better manager, public official, CEO, law enforcement or safety officer, or emergency responder.

Your leadership style impacts your performance, and each type has its strengths. Are you a transformational, servant, front-line, postmodern, contrarian, or metamodern leader? Take the leadership style self-assessment to find out.

The IHHP Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment

In collaboration with Harvard Business School, The Institute for Health and Human Potential research has concluded that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) counts twice as much as the Intelligence Quotient and technical skills in determining who will be successful.

IHHP defines emotional intelligence as the ability to “recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions,” as well as “recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others.” In basic terms, it means acknowledging that our emotions positively and negatively affect behaviour.

As a leader, it is critical to understand where you rank in EQ and how it impacts your ability to manage, especially under pressure. IHHP’s Emotional Intelligence Assessment can help you determine where your emotional weaknesses exist when handling situations involving pressure, criticism, and failure.

As a Leader, Awakened Awareness is vital to your development, performance and success. A significant benefit to routinely taking these self-assessments is that you’re disciplining yourself to ask the hard questions. A great leader must be comfortable with being uncomfortable, seeking criticism, and maintaining self-awareness about their shortcomings.

Assessing yourself as a leader makes it easier to handle real-world situations with grace. Keep growing, practising self-reflection, and tracking your progress towards becoming a better leader.

When you practise introspection, you begin an incredible inner journey. Herein lays your true power as a leader. Personal power will take you further than any power over land, business or others. Today’s leaders are awakening and turning their backs on the status quo, and they are embracing the transformational power of routine, reflection and taking control of their energy. If you are not in a calm, controlled, or confident manner, many things will go wrong for you in your life and business. You are your business, and your business is you. Whether you are a leader at the top of the corporate ladder, middle management or an entrepreneur adopting positive energy will enable you to achieve beyond your expectations.

The inner journey will see you master your mindset, strengthen your emotional intelligence and find innovative ways of sparking boundless energy within. When you master your mindset, you control your thoughts, words, and actions. You learn strategies to silence the monkey chatter by choosing more powerful positive thoughts, words, and actions to create the results you desire. Tuning into your emotional intelligence will awaken your self-awareness and use the insight into improving your influence on others by taking cognizance of their moods, traits and behaviours. However, when you infuse the last two qualities with knowing the power of your energy, you will rise head and shoulders above others and become a leader of leaders. This position is the ultimate state as you will create leaders who reflect your brilliance and be the catalyst to growing a band of like-minded people on a mission to make a difference in their others and the world.

Here I bring to your attention the work of Dr David Hawkins – Map of Consciousness. His work is based on Kinesiology has created a scale of 0-1000, whereby you can note where you lie within his scale in terms of your vibrational frequency. Note that 85% of the world’s population vibrates at a frequency of less than 200, which is not great for our planet. However, 15% of the world’s population, which vibrate above 200, lifts the connected energy of the earth ten times. The transformational level of 200 is where courage sits.

Here is where awakened awareness, conscious effort and inspired action fuse together to understand the power of energy. You are now entering the quantum field.

Everything, including the human body, is made of ENERGY! Quantum physics states that mass and energy are interchangeable and consequently that mass is merely a manifestation of power. This statement means that everything, including humans, is simply energy stored in mass particle form. The word “quantum” has Latin roots and means “how much.” So, how much high-frequency energy do you create?

With awakened awareness, today’s top leaders understand the entire Universe consists of different types of quantized fields unified into a single quantum field. Therefore, the Universe, including the earth, is nothing but a Quantum Field. In a quantum field, reality can exist in infinite possible states, and thus, the Universe is a field of endless possibilities. When leaders believe this tenet, then everything changes.

Since the Universe is a field of abundant energy with infinite potential and possibilities, being a part of it, we also inherit this power of the Universe.

We can manifest the life we want if we align with and tune in with the frequency and vibration of the Universe and tap the field of infinite possibilities. When you remove any fears, you will begin to align with the Universe.

We can connect to the Universe using the principle of coherence. Coherence essentially implies the logical, orderly, and consistent relation of parts. As per physics, there is a total synchronization between the components in a state of coherence.

As we’re a part of the Universe, connecting to the Universe is by increasing our coherence with the Universe. We can use various ways to align the frequency and vibrations of our body, mind, and heart with the frequency and vibrations of the Universe to create synchronicity.

When you’re “in sync”, you can “entangle” with the Quantum Field. Great leaders create a routine about raising their energetic vibrational frequency by using Adam C Hall’s Eight Step Manifestation Equation to connect to the earth.

1. Sit quietly

2. Synchronize with your heart – Feel into the rhythm of your heart this is the Quantum Field

3. Listen to your inner voice

4. Set yourself to the Schumann Resonance (7.83hz), synchronizing the rhythms of your brain. You need to ground yourself in nature to activate this frequency.

5. Express your intentions

6. Feel your intention

7. Synchronize with the Universe

8. Make it a routine

Given that you believe everything is interconnected, we are all energy, and we live in a world of infinite possibilities, this realization ignites a passion for becoming a better version of yourself and a great enlightened leader.


Brenda Dempsey is a Thriver, Action Woman and Spirited Leader. Transitioning is something Brenda embraces as it opens new opportunities, challenges and adventures revealing spirited leadership qualities of courage resilience and vision.   After 25 years she left her beloved teaching to take up the challenge of building an I CAN  Revolution of 10 MILLION Spirited Leaders who are raising their Voices of Courage, impacting change and creating extraordinary results for themselves, others and the world through imagination, innovation and influence.   No stopping Brenda (a diamond woman) during Covid-19, with a wealth of experience and expertise in writing and books, she created her new business Book Brilliance Publishing a Publisher with a difference for writers, speakers and entrepreneurs.  A Partnership Publishing House that puts its authors at the heart so they can partner their way to Success - Business Brilliance on a global stage where You Drive, We Navigate.