RAKEZ Academic Zone forum explores future skills and digital transformation

RAKEZ Academic Zone hosted its fourth Academic-Industry Forum, which brought together around 90 participants from government officials and key players in the educational and industrial sectors in the emirate to discuss the latest trends and best practices in the academic ecosystem.

The forum paved the way for the participants to network for long-term collaborations and discuss required future skills and emerging prospects of embracing digital transformation and the opportunities within the industry and education sectors.

Chief Academic Zone Officer of RAKEZ, Dr Steven Reissig said, “The forum has given us the opportunity to reinforce our vision for the Academic Zone, which is to ensure the highest quality of education and create a world-class educational ecosystem for all students and academic faculty in Ras Al Khaimah. Such events help exchange best practices and gain insights on how technology is transforming the entire business landscape.”

The forum’s fourth edition saw speakers and panel discussions representing officials from higher educational institutes and universities in Ras Al Khaimah from the University of Stirling-RAK Campus and AURAK, industry partners from Guardian Glass and KWC, Amazon Web Services and RAKEZ. The presentations provided insights on topics such as how digital transformation is disrupting global industries, changes in the education sector, and what opportunities Amazon is offering or graduates.