CertiProf Continues to Expand their Certification Portfolio

CertiProf, a leader in professional certifications, is proud to announce the expansion of its professional portfolio by adding at least seven new professional certificates while updating two of its current certificates. This significant expansion is expected to provide a flywheel for organic growth in the incoming year.

In the upcoming quarters, CertiProf will launch their Lean Six Sigma certificates (white, yellow, and back belt), Agile Project Management, Ethical Hacking, Change Management and Scaling Agile, and Business Intelligence (Foundation and Analyst) Certificates. They will also update their User Stories and Big Data Certificates.

Gina Gillin, the Managing Director, commented, “We are gaining market share in the certification industry by meeting or exceeding our candidates’ expectations, maintaining and offering top-tier professional certificates. We understand where Learning & Development currently sits and where it’s heading; that’s why our certificates respond to workforce and business trends.”

According to the Manpower Group, 69% of employers globally struggle to find skilled workers; that’s why CertiProf continues to foster the professional development and growth of all the lifelong learners in its community by constantly providing free entry-level certifications, with exams being available 24/7. Knowing that the future of work lies in skills, they believe all professionals should have access to common knowledge.

The labor market today, more than ever, adjusts at incredible speeds. CertiProf is constantly adapting its portfolio to support the closing of the digital knowledge gap that the world requires with its Agile, Business, ISO standards, and Cybersecurity portfolios. Listening to the market will create and release certifications that cover the global demand and sustain their massive transformative purpose of “empowering people to change their lives.”

Through deep partnerships and steadfast dedication, CertiProf reaffirms its commitment to offering support and content of the highest quality to all its lifelong learners. Partnerships, such as the ITCC, can be used as a source to have the latest industry knowledge and practices. They share their membership with companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Scaled Agile, PMI, and Prometric. The Ansi membership supports CertiProf’s vision of supporting the industry with an ISO certification program. Lastly, their membership with the Agile Alliance provides them with industry information and grants them participation in the agile community, demonstrating their commitment to quality and continuous improvement. As CertiProf’s lifelong learners continue to upskill, they can confidently count on these companies’ support.

CertiProf is a globally recognized certification body that includes a partner community with over 900+ training companies worldwide. More than 800,000 certified professionals have validated their knowledge of agile practices in programs such as Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking, and OKR, among others.