Break Through Imposter Syndrome & Step Into Your Power

A study ‘How imposter syndrome and fears hinder women entrepreneurs’ business growth, published by Business Horizons, in Volume 62, Issue 5, 2019 sheds significant insights in to why this might be more prevalent for women entrepreneurs. The authors Kimberly Eddleston, Jamie Ladge and Keimei Sugiyama state “One reason why it’s easy for women entrepreneurs to […]

Find Your Superpower!

Being in your superpower is about being absolutely aligned with who you are, your vision, who you are, what you believe in, and your WHY –  Why you are doing what you are doing and the vision of your business. Your superpower is as unique and distinctive as your thumbprint. In business, your superpower translates […]

Training The Next Generation

The generational diversity that currently exists across today’s active work groups is indeed exceptional. With an increase in life expectancy coupled with economic necessity, our oldest working generations, the ‘Silent Generation’ (1923 to 1944) and the ‘Baby Boomer’ Generation (1945 to 1964) are uniquely positioned to be sharing co-worker relationships with no less than four […]